The Eight deadly Sins, 1966

Medium: Eight color-printed etchings with sugar-lift aquatint on Rives paper

Edition: 23/125

Size:  Each sheet: 14 x 9 in. (35,5 x 22,8 cm.)

Top row (from left to right):

1- Sloth (La Paresse) 
2- Lust (La Luxure) 
3- Wrath (La Colere) 
4- Gluttony (La Gourmandise) 
Bottom row (from left to right): 5- Pride (L’orgueil) 
6- Greed (L’avarice) 
7- Envy (L’envie) 
8- The Dalinian Sin (Le Peche Dalinien)

Each pencil signed and numbered in the lower margin

Provenance: Private collection of Albert Field, this set of eight original aquatints, was published by Jean Schneider (Basel, Switzerland).