Alberto Andreis graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan course in stage design.


From 1983 to 1989 he was assistant set designer Ezio Frigerio, taking part in the project for the scenes of the film "Cyrano De Bergerac" JP Rappeneau, 1990 Oscar for the costumes and nominations for the scenes.


He took part as an assistant to the design of various shows with director Piero Faggioni. In 1985 the scene of the signing of its first spettaolo the Theatre de Carouge in Geneva with "The Batteau pour Lipaia" of Arbuzov. Contemporneamente extends his experience working in the field of interior decoration collaborating with Celeste Dell and Diana Terragni.


As a painter he was invited to exhibit in numerous exhibitions such as "Latest Generations" at the XII Quadrennial Art of Rome of 1996, or "Surrealism Padano from De Chirico to Foppiani" (Electa catalog) in 2002, as in 2007, for the exhibition "Italian Art 1968 - 2007" at the Palazzo Reale in Milan.


He also occupied the cathedra of scenery 'Academy of Fine Arts in Santa Giulia Brescia. Lives and works in Parma.




ITALIAN art 1968_2007. Painting - Palazzo Reale. "WebMuseum"

... And, near a beautiful Annunciation by Alberto Andreis 1995 ... Antonella Guzzardi.


"The Republic" May 8, 2002 - Sgarbi director d 'opera debut with "Rigoletto"

... The theater is a vision like cinema. The costumes are entrusted to the famous British designer Vivienne Westwood. Alberto Andreis, designer, decorator, painter, designed the sets ... Dino Villatico


"The chronicle of piacenza" - Gotham City and more. Paintings and photographs - House of Art


... Alberto Andreis set designer and painter has populated his paintings of architectures. This is not high gratacieli outlining the legendary Manhattan skyline but architecture "hidden", not usually the focus of attention. These are the structures that hold the iron bridges, scaffolding used for the restoration of buildings, construction of industrial recycling of refuse. Nothing spectacularly beautiful, but that becomes fascinating seen from the eyes of Andreis that creates detailed and solid transpositions of paintings (acrylics on hardboard to be precise) where the thickness of the color makes it very personal story ... ... The solution l ' He has found irony on, in the game that accompanies these works. Andreis choose a lunar aspect, metaphysical NY seizing as we wrote the hidden side of the city and removing it from the swarm of people belonging to his ways at all times of day and night ... ... Next to this series of works is to signal the presence in the exhibition of a series of drawings of Andreis representing fantastic architecture. Are "vagaries" in the full sense of the term, or are dazzling imagery, mix of architectural elements reclaimed from the past and made a trato firm, decided, refined ... Joan Ravazzola


"Gazzetta di Parma" June 21, 2009

... Vittorio Sgarbi arrived in Parma at the Galleria di Borgo Riccio 3, for the meeting to end exhibition of Alberto Andreis, who works for the construction of stage sets. "An author, Andreis, with a personal vision, with a taste for painting particularly vivid, that I see today in these interpretations of suburbs - begins Sgarbi - who works alongside some hyperrealists American or Italian as Tonelli." Appreciated the exhibition, the speech falls on the sets made and on future generations. "We plan a Traviata to Lecce, where we have already made a new interpretation of Rigoletto. I was fine with Andreis continues Sgarbi -: in addition to being an intelligent man and to have its own interpretation of the works of autonomy, is capable and practical. " And speaking of his collaboration with Alberto Andreis, he adds: "Once you find a theme and discussed it together, creates a scene, prevailing aspect of my work as a director. Basic references are to the classic Italian tradition, but with an abstract interpretation of the thought, the result of the ability of reworking of ideas shared by both "... Stefania Provincial


Mohammed II - "South Tyrol" 2008

... And you add the visual appearance (directed by Michael Hampe, sets by Alberto Andreis) a strong lesson classic that caught exactly in the monumentality of the places and poses, the visibility of the music suspended between the Roman ideal of David and the concerns of Delacroix ... Annely Zeni


Mohammed II - "Gazzetta di Parma" 2008

... Almost a sense of guilt has tried to 'open up the curtain in front of the scenes of Alberto Andreis we reported with their historical accuracy - as indeed the step of directing MIchael Hampe - a climate narrative now unusual, accustomed as we are to the so-called hyperbolic jumps director's theater, games metaphorical references to arrogant to current events, military uniforms of all kinds and so on; guilt soon vanished with relief as they guide us along the troubled adventure felt were the poignant eloquence Rossini. And so the public, with its endless applause …


The Arlesiana - "L 'opera" n ° 207 August 2006

... The refined directed by Vittorio Sgarbi, mirroring the beautiful paintings by the Dutch painter reinterpreted by the designer Alberto Andreis, a celebrating Provence intensely colored rare beauty ... Claudia Mambelli


"Corriere della sera" July 5, 2002

... The home of Flavio Briatore is located in an exclusive area, in the green heart of England: at night on roads meet deer and deer "It took me almost a year to furnish it," said Briatore. Paintings on the walls of Balla, De Chirico, Andreis ...

"Opera paths in the world of opera" - Rome, Palazzo delle Esposizioni





Italian Art 1968 - 2007 - Palazzo Reale Milan, Skira.



Surrealism padano - From De Chirico to Foppiani - and Skira. 2002


Art as communication of life - Rotary Club Milano Scala - Rotary International D.2040 - Franco Maria Ricci editions


Opera - A Journey through the world of opera Skira


Latest generations - National Exhibition of Art in Rome four Edizioni De Luca